High Voltage Thin Film Transistors for High Voltage Systems on Flexible and Curved Surfaces

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Professor Akintunde Akinwande
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science MIT)
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Melissa Smith
MicroSystems Technology Laboratories, MIT
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Patent Protection

Flexible high-voltage thin film transistors

US Patent Pending
A lithographic process for integrated organic field effect transistors
Journal of Display Technology, (2005) 1(2) p. 289-294
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Tunable threshold voltage and flatband voltage in pentacene field effect transistors
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High Power, Flexible Electronics
IDTechEx: Printed Electronics USA 2013, November 1 2013

This organic semiconductor thin film transistor achieves high voltages by offsetting the drain or source electrode and the gated channel. This creates an ungated semiconductor region in series with a gated semiconductor region, which limits the voltage dropped across the latter region. The excess voltage is then dropped across the ungated semiconductor thus enabling high voltage operation.


Applications for this technology include high voltage technologies requiring a flexible substrate; for example, medical devices or electric cars.

Problem Addressed

FETs are widely used as pixel addressing elements. However many applications of FETs require drive voltages larger than 100 V with relatively small input voltages.


To combat the problems associated with FETs, a high voltage field effect transistor has been fabricated using thin-film organic semiconductor technology.  High driving voltages are achieved by offsetting the drain or source electrode from the gate creating an un-gated semiconductor region in series with a gated semiconductor region. This achievement represents the first demonstration of integrated high voltage thin film transistors based on an organic semiconductor technology with a low temperature (< 95 degrees Fahrenheit), completely lithographic manufacturing process that is compatible with both rigid and flexible substrates. 


  • Achieves high output voltage with organic semiconductor technology
  • Uses a low temperature (<95 degrees Fahrenheit) process for manufacturing, potentially enabling low cost roll-to-roll printing technology
  • Compatible with both rigid and flexible substrates