Optical Device for Detection of Chemical or Biological Agents

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Professor Juejun Hu
Department of Material Science and Engineering, MIT
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Anuradha Agarwal
Materials Processing Center and Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIt
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Frank Jaworski
Darin Williams
Adam Kennedy
Justin Wehner
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Jim Freedman
MIT Technology Licensing Officer - Chemicals, Instruments, Consumer Products
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Optical Device For Detection Of An Agent

US Patent Pending
Chip-scale Mid- Infrared chemical sensors using air-clad pedestal silicon waveguides
Lab on a Chip, 13(11):2161-6 , Mar. 25, 2013


  • Optical detection of chemical and biological agent
  • Portable agent detection

Problem Addressed

Chemical and biological agents are a major problem for mass population centers, such as cities. Detection devices are requisite for determining the presence and type of known chemical or biological agents. 


Employing ideas from detector arrays and imaging devices, the invention is an optical device for determining the presence of chemical and biological agents in the environment. Using a combinations of resonators for agent reception, filtration devices and processing systems, the device can receive an agent from the atmosphere and determine its type from a catalogue of known agents. Due to its efficient design, the invention can be incorporated into a portable device reducing size, weight, cost and power requirements, compared to conversional designs. In addition, the invention can be integrated easily with imaging devices.  


  • Optical detection device can be incorporated into portable devices
  • Easily integrated with imaging devices