Pedestal Waveguide Resonators for Enhanced Sensing

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Jurgen Michel
Materials Processing Center, MIT
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Anuradha Agarwal
Materials Processing Center, MIT
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Pao Tai Lin
Materials Processing Center, MIT
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Dave Sossen
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Patent Protection

Methods and Apparatus for Pedestal Ring Resonators

PCT Patent Application WO 2016-086090


Applications for this technology are found in single chip sensors.

Problem Addressed

Current attempts to detect chemical or biological agents on a single chip have difficulty integrating all elements to achieve a sensor with high signal-to-noise and a small footprint: sensors, waveguides, and photodetectors.


The invention is a new waveguide geometry that enhances the interaction between the agent and light, and increases signal strength for on-chip detection.


  • Small footprint and high sensitivity
  • CMOS compatible fabrication