MISES Software for Design and Analysis of Turbomachinery Blading

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MISES Software for turbomachinery blading
Professor Mark Drela
Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics, MIT
External Link (aeroastro.mit.edu)
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Daniel Dardani
MIT Technology Licensing Officer

MISES is software to aid in the design and analysis of Turbomachinery blading.  It's main focus is the analysis and redesign of blade airfoils operating over a wide range of Mach and Reynold numbers.  It comprises a collection of programs for cascade analysis and design. It includes programs for grid generation and initialization, flow analysis, plotting and interpretation of results, and an interactive program to specify design conditions.  It features a multiple blade Interacting Streamtube Euler Solver - capable of modeling subsonic to supersonic glows including transition and separation. 

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