Phase-Switched Impedance Modulation Amplifiers and Tunable Matching Networks

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Professor David Perreault
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT
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Alexander Jurkov
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT
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Christopher Noble
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Patent Protection

Phase-Switched Impedance Modulation Amplifier

US Patent Pending US 2016-0181987

Tunable Matching Network With Phase-Switched Elements

PCT Patent Application WO 2016-100841

Tunable Matching Network With Phase-Switched Elements

US Patent Pending US 2016-0181986
Analysis and Design of High Efficiency Matching Networks
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 21(5): 1484-91, Sep. 6, 2006
Theory and Implementation of RF-Input Outphasing Power Amplification
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 63(12): 4273-83, Dec. 2, 2015


  • Radio-frequency (RF) and microwave systems
  • RF MEMS devices and RF amplifiers

Problem Addressed

Tunable Matching Networks (TMNs) are used widely in radio-frequency applications due to their ability to provide rapid and dynamically-controlled impedance matching. However, to keep up with emergent technology, TMNs need to provide rapid, high-bandwidth, continuous impedance matching over a wide impedance range, need to operate efficiently at high power levels, and need to be integrable with other methods and systems. Phase-Switched TMNs and a novel switching RF amplifier design meet these challenges.


Phase-Switched TMNs achieve tunability by incorporating one or more phase-switched variable reactances (circuit elements which resist changes in the current flow rate). Using an innovative method, circuit elements such as capacitors or inductors are reconfigured to become tunable circuit elements which can then be assembled into a larger Tunable Matching Network. In addition, the TMN can be integrated into a novel highly efficient RF amplifier, called a zero-voltage-switched switching RF amplifier, which can modulate a wide range of output power, match highly variable loads and operate over wide frequency ranges.


  • Simple design produces high reliability
  • Versatile assembly ensures easy integrability with a variety of systems
  • Flexible design produces efficient impedance matching and signal amplification over widely varying parameters